A comprehensive multimedia overview of the newest Flyers prospects

You want tweets? I have tweets. You want videos? I have videos. You want articles? I have articles.

By now you have read all of the prospect profiles and memorized all of the stats for all eight of the newest Flyers draft picks. You’ll find some of that here in this post. I wanted to provide an all-in-one resource for fans to really get to know the guys that we may be cheering for in the next few years. I went to every single corner of the internet to find everything I could on these prospects. Included in this post you will find their social media profiles, YouTube videos of interviews, highlights, and big plays, Twitter videos and gifs of goals and highlights, and many written words about each individual prospect. Watch some video and form your own opinions on the kids or look at their Instagram and congratulate them on the size of the fish they caught last summer. I did the research so you don’t have to, and while I don’t recommend requesting Facebook friendship with them, the links are there should you so choose.

Joel Farabee

There is obviously a ton of content about Farabee, we’ve written about him, everyone is writing about him. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook using those links. I’ve included highlights from Twitter and YouTube and articles from all over the internet.

SportsnetThe Jacket’s CannonBlue Shirt BanterDefending Big DMile High HockeyThe Hockey WritersUSA Hockey National Team Development ProgramHabs Eyes on the PrizeAll About the Jersey

Jay O’Brien

There is less about O’Brien, but still plenty of content. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram with the corresponding links.

USA Today —  Habs Eyes on the PrizeThe Hockey WritersThe AthleticBuffalo Hockey BeatWinging it in MotownMontreal GazetteTSN

Adam Ginning

You can find Ginning on both Instagram and Facebook. Understandably, there are a lot of interviews and articles in Swedish, I have only included one in this section.

Habs Eyes on the PrizeThe Jacket’s CannonThe Hockey WritersHockey Sverige (in Swedish)

Jack St. Ivany

There isn’t much about St. Ivany but you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. What we do know, is he was 5’6” two years ago and he is now 6’3”, so that is probably why his skating needs work.

Californa Rubber HockeySioux Falls StampedeUSHL

Wyatte Wylie

You can follow Wylie, teammate of Carter Hart, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Because he came from the WHL, there is more coverage on him than most other 5th round picks.

Everett HeraldWHLThe Hockey WritersEverett Silvertips

Samuel Ersson

Samuel Ersson is the most grounded prospect in the system, as he has no active social media that I can find.  I was a recruiter, I’m really good at finding people. This might be his Instagram, but with three posts, I can’t really confirm. There really isn’t much about Ersson, and what little there is, isn’t in English.

VIK Hockey

Gavin Hain

You can follow Hain on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We got lucky here and there is a lot of footage of his games, but not a whole lot of content about him as a prospect.

Sioux Falls StampedeGrand Forks HeraldUSHL

Marcus Westfalt

You can follow Westfalt on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There is very little coverage of Westfalt prior to October 2017, and much less in written form.

Canucks ArmySilver Seven Sens