American Hockey League cancels the remainder of the season

Not a surprise, but a bummer nonetheless.

After a conference call between the league’s board of governors on Friday, the AHL announced this morning that they will be cancelling the remainder of the regular season as well as the 2020 AHL playoffs. From the league’s official release:

After a lengthy review process, the American Hockey League has determined that the resumption and completion of the 2019-20 season is not feasible in light of current conditions.

The League’s operational focus has turned toward actively preparing for the 2020-21 season.

We are very grateful to the National Hockey League and its teams for their support and leadership in navigating through the challenges faced over the past two months.

The AHL continues to place paramount importance on the health and safety of our players, officials, staff and fans and all of their families, and we all look forward to returning to our arenas in 2020-21.

When the league decided to suspend play back on March 12, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms were seventh overall in the Atlantic Division and fourteenth overall in the Eastern Conference. Greg Carey lead the team in points with 30 on the year, followed closely by Morgan Frost who finished up with 29 points.

While there is no real “good” to find here, really, it’s somewhat nice to know that, unlike the Flyers, the Phantoms aren’t losing out on a playoff push or a probably Calder Cup run. An unremarkable season for the farm team ends with a whimper, not a bang. These are the times right now, eh?

If you’d like to dive into the Phantoms now-complete season a little more, check out our own Brad Keffer’s Phancy Stats Phantoms tracking project, where you can find a little more in-depth stats information than you can through official AHL outlets.