Broad Street Hockey 2021 NHL Entry Draft party!

In our first event since 2019, we celebrate.

Covid can’t stop us! Ok, yes it can, and it did, but we’re back with another Broad Street Hockey event! We are hosting our 2021 NHL Entry Draft Party at Xfinity Live — specifically Bullies Pub — on Friday July 23rd beginning at 6pm.

The reason we selected Bullies is obviously because of the strong Flyers connection, but also because they have both indoor and outdoor spaces for those who aren’t comfortable with indoor events. We are expecting a few hundred people, so please keep that in mind if you are unvaccinated or uncomfortable with groups. We will follow all of the Philadelphia guidelines for safety, please review them here, and encourage you to wear a mask.

There is a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park on the same evening, so if you are driving, you will have to pay for parking until 8:05pm. If you are taking public transportation, factor crowds into your timing.

The kitchens will not be open within Bullies Pub, but Xfinity Live does offer Chickies & Petes, Geno’s, and Lorenzo’s stalls and those will be available to us.

Whether you like the Flyers right now or not, whether they actually make the pick at 13 or not, we will be there. This is the first opportunity since Festivus in 2019 for us to all get together and boo the commissioner and maybe Chuck Fletcher too. You don’t even have to be a Flyers fan to attend! We accept all boos from all fans.

When: Friday July 23, beginning at 6pm

Where: Bullies Pub inside Xfinity Live

Who: Broad Street Hockey fans and friends

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all, even in this uninspiring draft year and with this mediocre team.