No, the Flyers are not going to trade Sean Couturier

The gang is joined by BSH mainstay Kurt R. to discuss all of the trades the Flyers are not going to make.

BSH Radio welcomes Kurt R. to the show as the post-lottery victory hangover is finally starting to wear off. Bad trade ideas are the topics of the night, as the gang rails against the unlikelihood of the #2 pick being shopped, and the misguided theory that winning that pick allows the Flyers to trade Sean Couturier.

Steph also vehemently expresses her belief that the word "elite" is overused in describing hockey players, while Charlie rails against the World Championships. The show ends on a positive note, however, as Oskar Lindblom's fantastic 2016-17 season and his chances of making the Flyers in September are evaluated.

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