BSH Radio Special: A conversation with a Flyers season ticket holder

We wanted to hear directly from someone giving this team their money.

We’ve said this a million times and it’s been talked to death, particularly on social media, but it’s very easy to hate the Flyers organization right now. No one could fault you for it if you do. But when John Tortorella recently sent a letter to season ticket holders ahead of the team’s drive for renewals, it seemed to set people off anew. Who would their right mind would give this team their money? Why in the world would you buy season tickets right now, for this? It’s all bad, right? Well, we wanted to hear directly from someone who is renewing their season tickets about why. What keeps them coming back to this team, despite the disaster it has become? We were lucky enough to chat with Dave D., a season ticket holder with a lot of thoughts about what this team — and organization — has become.