BSH Radio Bonus Show: Interview with Mental Skills and Peak Performance Specialist

Donato Fanelle of KPEX Consulting joins Bill Matz for a dive into the world of mental toughness training

The Director of Fun and Games goes one-on-one with Donato Fanelle from KPEX Consulting to talk about mental skills training and developing mental toughness.

Is there such a thing as “clutch”? How can an athlete develop higher levels of confidence and focus? What the hell does Carter Hart actually talk to his sports psychologist about?

Fanelle answers questions about re-gaining confidence and coaching techniques, focusing on local athletes like Hart, whose sports psychologist John Stevenson has been at the forefront of the young netminder’s success for years, as well as Rhys Hoskins and Gabe Kapler.

Bill also tries to get to the root of what exactly is “emotional intelligence” and how did it win the Eagles Super Bowl LII, 41-33 over the New England Patriots (in case you forgot)?

Please enjoy this special, Labor Day edition of BSH Radio, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider.