Claude Giroux's New Year's resolution: 'Eat more grilled cheese sandwiches'

Also, he drew a banana for some reason.

Classic Claude Giroux. He is the best and it is impossible to not love him. Of course, remember this is a man whose entire Twitter bio is simply "Love grilled cheese". It is his defining trait.

As the year's end is upon us, the Players' Tribune is reaching out to athletes to fill out a small questionaire. What was great about 2015? What wasn't? What's going to be awesome about 2016? All that and more, both in sports and not-sports departments.

And Giroux was the latest guy they asked. You can find all of his answers, in his own handwriting, here.

He's such a Blue Jays fanboy, bless. (Though I suspect a fair number of guys in the NHL are, so he's probably not alone on that front.) And an AC/DC fanboy.

And I'm happy he clarified that was, indeed, a banana he drew. But why a banana? Do bananas go with grilled cheese sandwiches? That seems like such an odd combination. Please don't eat bananas with grilled cheese sandwiches, G.