Dean Lombardi back in Philly, working under Ron Hextall

Lombardi finds himself back in Philly, after working with the team from 03-06.

Three years ago, Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi was coming off of his second Cup win over the span of three years. This past May the Kings relieved Lombardi of his duties and he now finds himself back in the City of Brotherly Love — reported by Pierre LeBrun.

Lombardi was a scout for the Flyers from 2003 until 2006, when he was hired by the Los Angeles to fill their vacant general manager position. Current Flyers GM Ron Hextall worked under Lombardi, before leaving the organization in 2014 for the Flyers.

In May when it was announced that Lombardi would be fired, Hextall was asked about bringing him on board with the Flyers.

"I talked to Dean a couple times," Hextall said. "He's not doing anything right now as far as I know. I don't have answer for you there."

Lombardi brings a wealth of experience to the Flyers and did a great job of building within with the Kings and also in San Jose. However, his downfall is his ability to manage the team long term, and this can be seen with his loyalty to Mike Richards and not using his last compliance buyout on him. Now the Kings must pay the price of that and are now on the hook for a $1.3 million dollar cap hit for the next three seasons. And will also have recapture penalties from Richards on their payroll until 2032. To put that into perspective, Ivan Provorov who is currently 20-years-old will be 35.

When the rumors of Lombardi coming to the Flyers started in May, Travis wrote a whole list of reasons why he should not join the team. You can check that out here.