Did Claude Giroux run off with the World Cup trophy?

He... might have?

On Sept. 29, Team Canada unsurprisingly won the World Cup of Hockey.

Claude Giroux made the team, but ended up sitting out as a healthy scratch. You can view this as a bad thing, or you can view it as a way for him to have gotten in high-level practices without the likelihood of getting hurt, and with the likelihood of him having a lot of energy left over.

Enough energy to... take off with the World Cup trophy once all was said and done, perhaps? (This wouldn’t be the first time this tournament Giroux has just taken stuff.)

I’m not going to say Giroux is a thief, but I am going to point out that this happened.

It was 5 a.m. Did you know here your Giroux was? Apparently running around Toronto with a weird giant vase. Probably intoxicated.

This was the most Giroux thing possible to come out of the entire tournament. I’m so proud of him.