Flyers Top 10 Prospects, No. 3: Cutter Gauthier

The 2022 fifth overall pick comes in at number three in the rankings.

We have made it to the top three prospects and we’re starting it with one of the newest additions to the Orange and Black, Cutter Gauthier. The 6’2 194 pound forward can play left wing or center, making him all the more valuable.

No. 3 Cutter Gauthier

2021-22 Team/League: USNDTP (USHL), U.S. National U18 Team (USDP)

2021-22 Statistics: 19g, 9a, 22gp (USHL), 34g, 31a, 54gp (USDP)

Age: 18

Acquired: Drafted 1st Round, #5 overall (2022)

Gauthier had a good season at the USNDTP, like most high prospects do at the program. His smooth skating, ability to score, and physicality were all on display earning him a spot on the U.S. World Juniors roster. Although the U.S only won the silver medal, it was a strong showing from Gauthier recording three goals and six assists in six games.

His stock is absolutely trending up from last season. A few weeks prior to the draft he started rising on peoples draft board. Now, some people still think it was a bit of a reach taking him at five, but this kid has all the tools to be a first line player. More importantly he has a very small chance of being a complete bust, just given his size and raw skill.

What are we expecting from Gauthier this season? What should we be looking for from him?

Gauthier will begin his freshman season at Boston College this season, and is expected to play center. This will be a good test to see if has the ability to play that position full time, or if he will settle into a role as a winger like he did at the program. He should start on one of the top two lines and get a lot of power-play time for the eagles this season.

It would be nice to see him dominate play they way someone like Matty Beniers did for Michigan University last season (43 points in 37 games). Most importantly I want him to look comfortable driving a line, and ultimately leading a team. Regardless, if Boston College wants to be successful this season a lot of it will depend on Gauthier’s play.

How does Gauthier fit into the Flyers’ long-term plans? Where does he stand in the Flyers’ organizational depth?

It’s pretty obvious that Gauthier is a giant piece of the Flyers future. Top five picks like him are exactly the type of player that needs to hit for the organization to be successful. The Flyers aren’t really loaded with a lot of top six talent in any part of the organization. Couple this with the fact he was a top five pick and I expect Cutter to be given every chance to be successful here.

I would expect it to be at least two years before we see Gauthier have a shot to make the team. However if he lights it up at Boston College this season, its possible for the Flyers to think he’s ready next season, given he’s already got NHL size. The last thing you want to do with a player like this is rush him, especially given the state the Flyers are in.

What do we think Gauthier ultimate NHL upside is, and how likely is it that he gets to something approaching that?

I have stated multiple times his NHL upside is to be a top line player on a really good team. He is a dynamic power forward who is already physically ready for the NHL at 18 years old. He can also be used in multiple positions on the power play because of his unique skill set. He has the size and hands to play the net front, but also the wrist shot and playmaking ability to play the bumper position or half wall.

The likeliness of all this coming to fruition start’s this season with Boston College. If he is able to dominate, there’s a good chance we see him in the AHL or NHL next season. If he just has a decent season and needs a little more time, that’s okay too. The important thing is he develops at his own pace and is not rushed.