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Flyers trade 32nd overall pick to the Edmonton Oilers

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We were waiting with bated breath for the Philadelphia Flyers to make the 32nd overall selection and close out the first round on Friday night, and they went ahead and traded it away.

Announced by the team, the Flyers traded the 32nd overall pick to the Edmonton Oilers for a conditional 2025 first-round pick.

During his post-first round media availability, Flyers general manager Danny Briere confirmed that the Oilers’ 2025 first-round pick is top-12 protected.

No player changed teams, no money changed hands — this was a simple pick swap so that the Flyers now have a total of three first-rounders in next year’s 2025 NHL Draft.

So, instead of taking one of the remaining players available with pick No. 32, GM Danny Briere essentially guaranteed himself to make the same selection next year, but will also most likely be a better spot overall. If the Oilers somehow win the Stanley Cup, that pick is in the same exact spot, but if they finish their season any earlier, then that pick automatically becomes a better option than this year’s 32nd overall.

And perhaps the best part about it, is that comparably, next year’s draft is reportedly — according to almost every scout that mentions it — much better and deeper than this year’s. Meaning, they will most likely also be getting a potentially better prospect than whoever they could get at 32nd overall.

Unfortunately, the Flyers are also walking away from Friday night with slightly less security, as the Columbus Blue Jackets are keeping their second-round selection that sits at 36th overall. So now, the Flyers will not be making a pick until 51st overall in the second round. This whole team is betting big on next year, though. As of right now, with the Blue Jackets pick transferred to 2025, and the new addition of the Oilers’ pick, the Flyers will have six picks in the first two rounds next year.

The remaining picks for the Flyers for this year’s draft, though, are:
Round 2, 51st overall
Round 3, 77th overall
Round 5, 148th overall
Round 5, 150th overall
Round 6, 173rd overall
Round 5, 177th overall
Round 7, 205th overall

It should still be an eventful day for the Flyers, even if they are without a couple more picks.

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