For Halloween, the Philadelphia Flyers share their fears

Poor Voracek. Poor anyone who’s afraid of ghosts, too.

Hockey players: they’re just like us! There are things they’re afraid of, too.

To that end, the Philadelphia Flyers went and found out just what, exactly, freaks their players out.

Claude Giroux truly is a man of the people, just jumping in and listing off a series of animals. I’m sure we all hope he doesn’t run into any alligators, too - but does this mean he has run into sharks before? And not of the San Jose variety? Questions.

Meanwhile, you’ve gotta feel for Jakub Voracek. Although considering just how many creepy clowns have been running around this year, the fact that they may be the one thing he isn’t scared of should count as a victory for him.

The dark is a pretty common fear among these guys, too, though (even though Wayne Simmonds wants to act like he’s totally over it).

But man, being afraid of ghosts with Shayne Gostisbehere on your team has to suck.

The good news is, almost none of these things are anything you’ll find at a hockey rink! So the Flyers can continue to go about their business, totally safe.

Except for the sharks. Those’ll pop up twice a year or so.

And Ghost, but he’s harmless, unless you’re the opposition.