Friday Morning Fly By: The first round is exhausting

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Friday Morning Fly By: The first round is exhausting

*Happy Friday, friends. There is so much hockey to watch right now. It is equal parts great and tiring. So much hockey. Imagine if we had to care about it!!! Anyhoo, big news yesterday was Egor Zamula being done for the season. [The Hockey News]

*Speaking of Phantoms' defensemen, Emil Andrae seems to be emerging as one of the more promising prospects on D. Which is cool. [Inquirer]

*It's that time of year: play grades time. We'll be beginning our player reviews next week (yay!), but ahead of that take a look at Charlie's grades for this year's forward corps. [The Athletic]

*So back to the first round being A Lot, the poor Canes, already without Svechnikov, have now lost Teuvo Teravainen. Big yikes for them. [Sportsnet]

*Am I nuts or have these playoffs so far been a little on the dirty side? The Dallas Stars in particular fell victim to what was very clearly a dirty hit, despite the lack of consequence. [Defending Big D]

*They might be dirty but they've also been really good, and the mighty Boston Bruins heading to Florida tied 1-1 thanks to our old pal Alex Lyon is one of the cooler things to happen so far. [TSN]

*So once again, the Maple Leafs, huh? [ESPN]

*Say you're a fan of a really bad hockey team (relatable) that just fired its coach. What would you want them to focus on as they try to find a new one? [The Cannon]

*And finally, perfect for a Friday, a brand new BSH Radio! [BSH]