Friday Morning Fly By: LET'S GO FLYERS!

The Flyers are playing hockey tonight.

  • A few videos to get you pumped up for tonight's game. [YouTube - one, two, three, four]
  • It's safe to say today's the day we've all been waiting five months for. [Whiz Wit Flyers] - [Flying P Blog]
  • Andrew Alberts is ready for opening night. He plays for Carolina and will, obviously, be facing off against his old team this evening in Raleigh. ['Canes Country]
  • A review of the Flyers opening night roster, in 140 characters or less. Oh, Twitter, what will you bring us next? [Ronnybrook]
  • Making the case for Arron Asham to be a regular on the Flyers roster. [Flyers Goal Scored By...]
  • The Phantoms kick off their season tomorrow. Tim McManus covers the team up in Glens Falls, and he conducted a chat with fans last night. Among the items discussed: the future of the Phantoms in NY, how the roster is shaping up, and will Phlex return in the Adirondacks? [Post-Star]
  • Your Adirondack Phantoms, presented by Bud Light. [Team Release]
  • There was real action in the NHL last night, by the way. Scores: Washington 4, Boston 1 - Montreal 4, Toronto 3 (OT) - Colorado 5, San Jose 2 - Calgary 5, Vancouver 3.
  • I hate the Leafs as much as the next guy, but Canada's national anthem is amazing. Imagine 20,000 people singing it at a hockey game. Cue the chills. [YouTube]
  • Before the games, and on the eve of their own opener, the Devils cut veteran forward Brendan Shanahan. Shocking move out of North Jersey. [In Lou We Trust]
  • A fascinating take on southern US franchises in the NHL. It is possible that they're failing because they're terrible at hockey, not because it happens to be hot where they play? It's a solid point when you consider it. Atlanta, Florida, Tampa, and Phoenix struggle while Dallas and Carolina are doing pretty well. [Miami Herald]
  • Want to watch every game this weekend? Free preview of NHL Center Ice until OCTOBER 27. Correction: October 24. Still,epic length. [Press Release]
  • Are the Flyers the deepest team in the East? [Rink Rap]
  • Take a wild guess at who the dirtiest player in the league is according to this top-10 list. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Finally, a look back into the archives brings us this profile of Dave Schultz, originally appearing in Philadelphia Magazine back in the 70s. [I Sign My Name With My Knuckles]