Meet the BSH writer: John Saquella

Flyer Twitter’s resident old guy is babbling away on a new platform.

My name is John Saquella and some of you probably know me from my twitter rambling @jsaquella. Or perhaps I yelled at you to get off my lawn or pull up your pants. Either way, I’m excited to join BSH as a contributor.

I was born at a very early age, during Bernie Parent’s sojourn with the Maple Leafs, on Wayne Gretzky’s 12th birthday. I grew up in Haddon Twp NJ-or as my mom used to say a 15 minute drive from the Spectrum.

I cut my teeth as a hockey fan in the afterglow of the Flyers Stanley Cup teams in 1974 and 1975. From my earliest days the Flyers were a passion and obsession. I grew up following and playing hockey and the 1985-88 Flyers remain my favorite teams ever.

I watched the Flyers from afar during my years in the US Navy, and excitedly returned to the Philly region during in the midst of the Legion of Doom Era. I continued to play dek and roller hockey until concussions piled up. I wrote previously for Hockey Independent and The Hockey Guys. I live at the southern Jersey shore with my wife, two daughters and I hope you guys enjoy reading my takes on things.