Ivan Provorov straight up pandered with his sandcastle, won the competition

He's smart.

If you can't have actual hockey going on, then what's better than Philadelphia Flyers prospects on the beach? Nothing, that's what. And part of the Flyers' annual Trial on the Isle involves a sandcastle competition.

One that Ivan Provorov and his team apparently cleaned up in. And when you look at their castle, it's both easy and extremely difficult to see why.

Okay well, first off, that's not a castle? That is literally not a castle. The sand component is present; the castle component is not. What did everyone else's sandcastles look like? Also, that American flag has whack proportions.

On the other hand, Provorov is smart. He's a Russian who's been living in Canada the past couple of years, but America is about to become his home for a while yet. He knows his crowd. And he has embraced it accordingly. Also, the lettering on "vets" is very nice considering it was built out of sand.

Hopefully, the sandcastle competition won't be the only thing Provorov is winning any time soon.