Kings 3, Flyers 2: Love to hit the posts

They lost in the shootout but somehow joy has been sparked in my heart.

Well, the Flyers played another hockey game tonight, in which they performed in a way that was probably not ideal for most of it, and yet came up big in spots where it mattered. Let me get this out of the way, for those of you who don’t read headlines and have no desire to: they did not win this game. Shocking, I know. However, they did get a point, and that is still pretty damn cool. That’s 17 points in 9 games. I mean, come on.

Okay, so they probably should’ve had this one, playing at home against a not-so-great Los Angeles Kings team, but I’m still riding high. They should have won, but they didn’t, but they pushed it to a shootout anyway, and God, it’s just fun, okay? I’ll admit it: I’m having fun! Don’t overthink it. Just go with it.

Guys... the first period... I mean, nothing happened.

Well, one thing happened, which is that Austin Wagner (who is not a Flyer) scored a goal at 8:46 off the rush, and it sucked and I was deeply unhappy, because all of a sudden I’m someone who wants to see the Flyers win.

The Flyers had a good response to this goal, which mostly entailed them spending the following shift in the offensive zone and getting a few good looks, but I have to be completely honest here. You come to my recaps for my honesty. Well, that, and my existential jokes. Anyway, absolutely goddamn nothing happened in this period. I fell asleep at my desk at one point. I’m not even that tired, although I did have some pork buns, and that could be a factor.

Anthony Stolarz looked great; the one goal he did allow was from a dangerous spot and wasn’t really his fault at all. A few of the Flyers looked solid, though most of the time they looked pretty unremarkable, and that’s it. I’m not kidding, that’s it. You’re used to me being a little more long-winded than this. I’m sorry.

AFTER ONE: 1-0 Kings, shots 18-11 Kings; Kings goal scored by Austin Wagner (8:46)

Fortunately for me who is apparently prone to passing out by 8:00 on a weekday, the Flyers started off the second period looking marginally more exciting than in the first. This would, of course, start with a goal, as all exciting things do. Sean Couturier came through with a difficult backhanded goal, embarrassing Jonathan Quick five-hole style. My roommates could hear me yelling from two floors above. My bad, guys.

Almost immediately following this, Radko Gudas went with his patented shoot-from-the-blueline move and very nearly gave the Flyers the lead, if not for the fucking idiot goddamn post. Come on, what the hell.

At this point in the game, the Flyers started to get some seriously quality chances, spending a good amount of time in the offensive zone and looking worrisome for the other team. The crowd at the Wells Fargo Center started to get real into it and man, I can’t help my pillow-soft heart, guys. It makes me happy to see the fans riled up in the good way again. Do you remember when people would (righteously) boo the team as they headed off the ice during intermission? Now look at us. The love of the Philadelphia fanbase may be a fickle thing, but we would not boo you if we did not care, and it’s nice to see people excited.

Not exactly riding on this wave, Adrian Kempe decided to ruin my fuzzy feelings and score at 12:33. I don’t love that. If I’m honest, I hate it quite a bit.

The very first power play of the game (I had to double-check this when JJ said it, but yes) was given to the Flyers off a tripping call on Kyle Clifford at 18:35. The subsequent power play looked dangerous, but the best look came at about a half second after the horn. Whatever.

AFTER TWO: 2-1 Kings, shots 31-20 Kings; Flyers goal scored by Sean Couturier (7:00), Kings goal scored by Adrian Kempe (12:33)

The Flyers still had 35 seconds left on their power play at the start of the third, but as is usually the case with these broken-up power plays, the momentum simply was not there, and they couldn’t get anything interesting going.

This game could really be defined by the Goddamn Fucking Stupid Goal Posts. Genuinely, I believe we’ve set a league-leading record for amount of posts in one game. Could be biased, but am I really?

A delay of game penalty was assessed to Alex Iafello at 3:14 for throwing a puck over the glass. I generally think this is an extremely silly penalty, but not when it benefits the Flyers, as all rationality goes out the window in that case. I will absolutely accept a power play gifted by a stupid penalty, and I will smile the entire time.

Although the power play has been good and not bad lately, the ensuing man advantage was a bit of a stinker. Oh well. Do you have the energy to be negative about this team anymore? Honest question, because I really do not, and am just glad to be enjoying this rollercoaster wherever it wants to take me.

Both teams would exchange chances at either end, some of which would have likely ended the game a little early if not for the aforementioned posts. As it stood, the Kings still had the one-goal lead by the final couple of minutes. Anthony Stolarz went to the bench for the extra attacker at 1:49, and a flurry of excitement in the offensive zone got me all hot and bothered.

Folks, it happened. It really did, just like you knew it would. Jake Voracek scored the game-tying goal with just 18 seconds left. Oh man. Haha, yeah.

AFTER THREE: 2-2, shots 37-30 Kings; Flyers goal scored by Jake Voracek (19:42)

It took the Flyers a long time to get possession here, and when they did they couldn’t do a whole lot (namely: anything) with it. However, the Kings couldn’t do much with their possession either. Each team traded two shots, but it felt like a shootout was inevitable.

Inevitable it was. God, okay.

AFTER OT: 2-2, shots 39-32 Kings

Well, this went on far too long.

Round 1: Claude Giroux scores (it’s beautiful, oh my God); Ilya Kovalchuk scores (gross)

Round 2: No goal Jake Voracek; no goal Anze Kopitar

Round 3: Nolan Patrick scores (OUR SON); Adrian Kempe scores (initial call said it hit the post, but it definitely went in, which is bad)

Round 4: No goal James van Riemsdyk; no goal Dustin Brown

Round 5: No goal Travis Konecny; no goal Alex Iafallo

Round 6: No goal Sean Couturier; Tyler Toffoli scores (disgusting)

I am not happy with these events, but sometimes that is life. Getting points in nine straight games is still absolutely insane when you think about where this team was a mere month ago (literally last in the league).

You are assuredly wondering which recap you tuned into, as it is certainly not one being written by me, but this is the new me. Actually, it’s the old me, the one none of you saw before the Flyers ripped apart my spirit and set flames to it, but I’m rising from the ashes now and can see the beauty in this world. I love this terrible stupid team. I believe in them, somehow, and this is just the new normal. Embrace it.

AFTER SHOOTOUT: 3-2 Kings, shots 37-30 Kings