Michael Del Zotto apparently made the Flyers goal song

Here is the Philadelphia Flyers goal song this year:

And here is a portion of an interview Michael Del Zotto did with Sports Illustrated this week, talking about his DJ skills, which is his bug hobby outside of hockey:

Claude Giroux is huge into house music, but he likes the heavier stuff. For the Flyers’ goal song that I mixed this year, he was actually the guy I went to. I mixed an Italian soccer anthem with a heavier beat, and I went to him with three or four different options. I had him choose which one he liked the best, and it’s been a big hit. The boys and the crowd both seem to like it, which is great.

I have three thoughts:

  1. Good for MDZ for finding something he loves outside of hockey! That’s very nice and I hope he continues enjoying his passion!
  2. It’s apparent that Del Zotto, a pending free agent, probably won’t be back with the Flyers next year.
  3. We’re finally not going to have a weird EDM remix as our goal song next year! (?)