Michael Del Zotto’s latest Stall Talk takes place at the top of a ferris wheel

Flyers Wives Carnival? Flyers Wives Carnival.

The name “Stall Talk” would imply the show takes place in a stall. For the most part, that’s true, but occasionally, there are deviations.

For example: when the Flyers Wives Carnival is going on, why would you do an interview in a stall when there are rides to go on?

Last year, Michael Del Zotto talked to Ryan White on the merry-go-round. This year, they upped the ante a bit, and got three people into a two-person ferris wheel cage.

Ooh, that’s a tight shot. That’s kind of awesome, if a little claustrophobic. Maybe it really is a good thing Michael Raffl wasn’t there at all if he’s as afraid of things as they say, especially with Weise apparently being uneasy about ferris wheels himself... though he does keep himself very composed.

Of course, the questions are carnival-themed. And following that path, they get horse-themed, too. Weise’s impression of a horse is probably worth it all in this one.