Monday Morning Fly By: Anton Puckgoesin

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

*Oh yeah. Oh HELL yeah. [RECAP]

*Speaking of yesterday’s win (HELL yeah), Claude Giroux deserves some more love nationally. [BSH]

*Naturally, the Devils won as well to stay right on the Flyers’ heels. Man, imagine if Taylor Hall AND Connor McDavid were on the same team. That would be nuts, right? The rest of the league wouldn’t stand a chance. Oh well. It’ll never happen. There’s no way that would have or could have happened...Hall and McDavid...on the same team. [All About The Jersey]

*The Capitals have clinched another division title and pissed off the Penguins in the process. [Pensburgh]

*Wild Bill Karlsson provided the second-best goal of the season (Konecny’s being number one). [CBS Sports]

*Before Karlsson’s goal, the Golden Knights retired number 58 to honor the victims of last year’s shooting. [NHL]

*Cool. Now do The Boys Are Back In Town. [NHL]

*And lastly, Scott Hartnell provided a not-so-great hit this weekend. [NBC Sports]