Monday Morning Fly By: May the balls be ever in our favor

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Monday Morning Fly By: May the balls be ever in our favor
Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*Day's finally here. The day we learn who's drafting where. The Flyers' odds at first overall aren't great, but there's a chance. All we need. It's happening. [NBC Sports Philly]

*Who "deserves" Connor Bedard, you ask? Me. You. Us. We deserve it. If there are gods then they ought to give this to us BECAUSE WE NEED IT. [The Athletic]

*And when we win (we're winning), we've got an old Leafs fan to guide us through the overwhelming emotion that comes with winning a tippy-top player. [BSH]

*In the very unlikely chance that the Flyers do not win the lottery, it's worth thinking about who they'll take at 7 or 8. [Inquirer]

*Over the weekend we asked the question: if the Flyers had someone snuck into the playoffs this year, would you have enjoyed it? [BSH]

*Way back on Friday we learned that a couple of the Flyers' kiddos will be representing the USA at World's soon. [Inquirer]

*Player reviews rolled on with a look at Tanner Laczynski's underwhelming NHL performance. [BSH]

*Ahh yes, here come the "well actually Dave Hakstol was good here" takes from the Hot Takery. [Inquirer]

*Outside of the Flyersphere, the Rangers fired Gerard Gallant. I'm sure you saw that one coming. [Blueshirt Banter]

*And finally, in case you missed it on Friday, a brand new Flyperbole! [BSH]