Monday Morning Fly By: What a weekend

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Monday Morning Fly By: What a weekend
Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*I feel like I've said this every Fly By for the last week by holy smokes are the playoffs good so far. This weekend in particular was fun as heck. Related, what can our Flyers learn from these teams still playing? [BSH]

*Last week Charlie kicked off his report cards with the forwards; here he wraps it up by giving his grades to the defense, goalies, AND the front office. [The Athletic]

*Back on Thursday Jeremy Roenick appeared on some local radio, and he made it known that he's very into the idea of Danny Briere as GM of the Flyers. So there's that. [BSH]

*Speaking of GMDB, he's one of these people constantly trying to better himself (sounds about right for a professional athlete) and he plans to bring that energy into the Flyers' front office. [Inquirer]

*It was a very long season for Cam Atkinson – and those of us wondering what the heck is going on with Cam Atkinson – but now that he has answers, he's feeling confident about what the road ahead looks like for him. [NBC Sports Philly]

*The Travii used their powers for good to bring awareness to an important bit of information, which is neat. You love to see it. [The Hockey News]

*Back to this weekend's Very Excellent Bunch of Playoff Hockey; one of the things that made it so good (for an outsider with no emotional investment, anyway) were a series of uh... questionable? calls made by officials in a few of the games. DGB weighs in on the league's replay system and why it sucks. [The Athletic]

*As usual there are several teams in the playoffs with deadline acquisitions on the roster and these are the guys actually making a difference so far. [Sportsnet]

*And finally, for a bit of unserious, very low-stakes offseason fun, we listened to every episode of Tony DeAngelo's podcast and reported what we learned. For fun. A silly but of fun. THAT'S ALL. [BSH]