New Jersey’s Dalton Prout suspended two games for late hit on Radko Gudas

“No reasonable player should expect to be hit” in the way Gudas was hit, according to the NHL’s decision on the matter.

Following Saturday’s Flyers contest against the Devils that had its fair share of chippiness (or you could call it stupidity, I suppose), it looks like one player will emerge a bit lighter in the wallet for it: Devils defenseman Dalton Prout, who has been suspended for two games for a late and totally unnecessary hit on Radko Gudas.

Take it away, whichever member of the Department of Player Safety is narrating this video:

Here’s the money quote in that video:

No reasonable player should expect to be hit at this time in any fashion. Prout comes off the bench, makes no attempt to join the play in any manner, and instead targets a vulnerable player for the sole purpose of exacting retribution for an earlier play. And while the hit is not incredibly violent, the fact that Gudas is in no way prepared for a hit of any kind makes any kind of body contact dangerous.

Prout has been suspended before, which contributed to his getting suspended again for this hit. Because of this suspension, he’ll miss tomorrow’s Flyers-Devils game in Newark and some other game that I don’t really care about.

As for Gudas, he did not play in last night’s loss in New York, and with the season now officially devoid of meaning following the team’s elimination from playoff contention, it wouldn’t be surprising if he doesn’t play again this season.