New Flyers alternate jersey apparently leaks

Better or worse than the Quakers fiasco from the Stadium Series?

While we’re not totally sure just when the Flyers will be hitting the ice again, but whenever that is they could be sporting a new look on the ice — according to a noted uniform site.

The good folks over at are reporting on an interesting jersey concept that apparently has been in the works at the league office, and it’s called “reverse retro.”

Two teams associated with the look already? The Flyers and Penguins through an unlisted EBay item that certainly looks legit as legit gets. You can read the breakdown of the proposed authenticity over at Icethetics, but Chris Smith does note that these appear destined to be worn on ice in some capacity in the coming season.

If the Flyers’ design on the right looks familiar it’s because it should — it’s essentially the teams’ 1980’s era jersey but with the white reversed and replaced with black. The Penguins’ version is a reversed take on their 1990’s era road jersey, but that’s for the folks at Pensburgh to harken over.

Here’s the Flyers’ concept side-by-side with that of the 1980’s era jersey, one of my personal favorites the team has ever worn.

Certainly screams AHL and Lehigh Valley Phantoms to me, but what say you? Anyone hoping that this jersey concept drummed up at the league office actually sees the ice next season or are we hoping it’s just a fan jersey that collects dust on a rack in the corner of Wells Fargo Center are largely ignored by all.