They said it: Alain Vigneault, Alex Lyon, and Scott Laughton on last night’s game

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After Friday’s strong showing, the Flyers dropped last night’s game in pretty spectacular fashion once again, giving up a 6-on-5 goal late in regulation and then ultimately losing in overtime. It was a tough one, and we’re here with the coach and players breaking down that loss afterwards.

Alain Vigneault

On Alex Lyon’s play: You know what, he played extremely well. Disappointing for our whole group, I’m sure, that we let it slip away, it would have been another solid win for the young man. Unfortunately, you know, we look a penalty at the end that was, in my opinion, a borderline call, and then we killed it off and then they were 6-on-5 with Jakey stepping on and we left the middle open there, one timer through him. So it’s unfortunate, he played a real strong game for us tonight.

On the frustrating loss: Well, I mean, it’s disappointing that we were close to winning this game, and you play this game to win, and it would’ve been real good for Alex to get another win here tonight, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get the job done.

On the struggle to score: I mean, both teams in the first two periods, I don’t think there were six chances on either side. So it wasn’t a game where there was a lot of scoring opportunities. The third, I think when we made it 1-1, uh 1-0, they had a strong push there. Alex made some big saves, especially on that shorthanded attempt there, but unfortunately we weren’t able to finish it off.

Alex Lyon

On his game: [mic is off for a second] ... as comfortable as I’ve felt, just dovetailing off that last game. Just kind of feel like I'm finding a nice rhythm, but you know, I play the game to win and it’s frustrating obviously to give up a goal in the last minute there in overtime. But I’m realistic and felt like I had a strong game, and happy to keep making progress.

On how his recent play affects what happens for him this summer: Yeah, it feels good obviously. I mean, you know, given how the season’s gone and not being able to play, it feels good to be able to string together a couple of performances that I feel good about. It took me a little time to find my game there, but you know I don’t feel like I'm doing anything crazy, I’m just playing my game. It just gives me good confidence to keep doing the things I’m doing.

On the frustration of the loss: Yeah, I mean obviously you want to get the shutout, which you strive for, I don’t... I’ve gotten pretty good at this point in my career of not thinking about it too much. Just super frustrating. As good as you play, you still give up a goal in the last 40 seconds, and then give one up in overtime and you lose the game. There’s still learning experiences to be had, and if I can just find a way to lock it down there for 40 more seconds, whether that’s just clearing my head, it’s still a valuable learning experience, that’s kind of how I look at it.

On looking like the goalie he was for the Phantoms: That’s how I feel. I feel like I've been playing a lot of good hockey down there for a long time now, and it’s always been difficult for me to translate that to the NHL level, but I feel like, given a little runway here in the last two weeks, I’ve kind of had the confidence to just know “alright, I'm gonna be back in the net no matter what.” So it’s gone a long way for me mentally to just kind of experiment and find a way to translate that. And for me that’s what it’s all about, just finding a way to play my game at this level. So it’s been a good last couple games here but we’ve still got two more days left and gotta try to get a win on Monday.

Scott Laughton

On the feeling in the locker room, not being able to nail down shutout for Lyon: Yeah, kinda been like that all year, so. He played a real real solid game in front of us and they were fortunate to get a 6-on-5 goal there, and then score in overtime. So tough break for us, but I thought Al did an outstanding job for us tonight, and gave us a chance to win, and that’s all you can ask, he played really well. It sucks, but what can you do now.

On lack of scoring until late: Yeah, it was pretty sloppy, I would say. Not many chances both ways, and they had a couple of good looks, and Al made some good saves, but kind of a neutral zone game where you’re kind of chasing around. But we thought we played well enough to try and sneak one out, but unfortunately not.

On why it’s been a struggle to win consecutive games: Yeah I don’t know. Like I said, I thought we played well enough to find a win, but just the way it goes. Got to be a professional and come to the rink and be ready on Monday, and have a good game at home in front of our fans, and finish the right way, and be a pro for your teammates.