Flyers trade Jakub Voracek to Columbus in exchange for Cam Atkinson

Trades abound!

The Flyers’ busy summer continues, and as we’re just settling into day 2 of the draft, the Flyers dropped another trade on us, and it’s a big one.

The Flyers have announced that they’ve traded Jake Voracek to the Columbis Blue Jackets in exchange for Cam Atkinson. *Bob McKenzie voice* the trade is one for one.

Atkinson is coming off of a respectable (if not a little down) season, which saw him post 15 goals and 19 assists, for 34 points in 56 games on a struggling Blue Jackets team.

There are a few different areas of interesting trade-offs that come with this trade. The Flyers lose a bit of the scoring game that they had with Voracek, but they gain a stronger play driver. Atkinson and Voracek are the same age, and while Atkinson is signed for four more years (one more than Voracek), his cap hit is just $5.875 million, so the Flyers do free up $2.375 million in cap space.

And, of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention in the locker room implications of this move. There has been talk for a while about the mix with this Flyers team, in the locker room, not being right somehow, and the core being in need of a shake-up. And, well, moving out one of the team’s longest tenured players certainly achieves just that.

What’s more, Atkinson was part of the leadership group in Columbus, and while it may not be fair to assume that he’ll immediately step into a similar role in Philadelphia, he remains a new voice with that leadership experience, and that hardly seems like a bad thing.

It’s been a busy offseason, to be sure, and next season’s new look Flyers are continuing to evolve.