Non-Flyers draft lottery teams, ranked

If it's not going to be the Flyers, then who?

Non-Flyers draft lottery teams, ranked
Photo Credit: Heather Barry

The NHL draft lottery is happening on Monday night and we are both terrified and excited for what it could mean for our Philadelphia Flyers and the entire NHL. If the Flyers get the honor of picking first (or even second) overall, then they will solidify the start of their rebuild with one of the most talented prospects to come through the draft in a very long time.

If not, well I guess we have to cheer for Connor Bedard to not have a massive effect on the future success of the Flyers. Or, even, for him to go to a nice team that we can observe and like watching as a neutral observer, for the betterment of hockey.

There are a total of 10 non-Flyers teams that have a chance at landing first overall and get to draft Bedard this summer. So, even though it might be a painful exercise to think about a generational talent on a different team, we've decided to rank all 10 teams from being totally and completely fine with Bedard going there (might even like it), to would absolutely loathe the result if they got first overall.

Let's see that ranking!