P.K. Subban absolutely, positively will not let his teammates fight Wayne Simmonds

Just don't do it.

The Winter Classic was last week, and as is done at these things, the Bruins and Canadiens were followed around for a month by camera crews as they detailed their preparation for and participation in the New Year's Day game.

That included mic'd up players at the actual game, and this exchange between Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban and teammate Nathan Beaulieu Max Pacioretty on the bench is absolute gold. DO NOT FIGHT WAYNE SIMMONDS.

The two are sitting on the bench together talking about Bruins winger Matt Beleskey, who Subban played with during his OHL days with the Belleville Bulls. Here's the exchange:

Pacioretty: Is [Beleskey] tough? You played with him right?

Subban: Yeah, he's tough. He's not, like, Wayne Simmonds tough. But he's tough.

Pacioretty: Oh, so I can get him on my card?

Subban: No, you cannot fight Wayne Simmonds.

Subban and Simmonds have never fought, for the record.