Flyers start 'new era' with front office changes

The Flyers have made their statement by declaring a "new era of orange" and changing up management.

Flyers start 'new era' with front office changes
Photo Credit: Heather Barry

The Philadelphia Flyers have new(ish) people in charge and a new statement to go along with it.

On Thursday morning, the Flyers released a brief statement that served more as a motto heading into what should be a transformative summer for the hockey club on and off the ice.

By reading this, you would think that the Flyers are nowhere close to tearing things down, trading away key players, and focusing on the future. Yes, the word "future" was mentioned but the overall sentiment was geared towards winning and it just felt like they were thinking more short-term with this "new era of orange."

Thankfully, we got a different message minutes later.