Monday Morning Fly By: Helping history happen

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Monday Morning Fly By: Helping history happen
Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*Well, the Philadelphia Flyers participated in history on Sunday night. They lost to the Boston Bruins, who in turn became the new record holder for most wins in a single season with 63. Everybody wins. [Broad Street Hockey]

*And speaking of Boston, Jason put in his latest Penalty Boxed Lunch where he went over the sandwich famous in Massachusetts: The Fluffernutter. [Broad Street Hockey]

*Against the Bruins, defenseman Tony DeAngelo was a healthy scratch for his second consecutive game. What's going on there? And with just a couple games remaining in the regular season, what does it mean for his future in Philadelphia? [NBC Sports]

*With so few games remaining, now is the time to try stuff out. The Flyers are trying Owen Tippett and Travis Konecny playing on the same line to have two of the most offensively gifted talents on this team on the ice at the same time. [Inquirer]

*Our old friend Alex Lyon is saving the Florida Panthers' season and sometimes you just have to lean back and let out a massive gurgling cackle. [Yahoo Sports]

*Wayne Simmonds, an actual old friend that we have fond memories of, has been able to play just 20 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. He has been shuttled back and forth between the AHL and NHL, and used as some cap-clearing transaction for the Leafs to make some moves throughout the year. Is this signalling his final season in the NHL? Are we ready to say goodbye? [The Hockey News]

*We love a little chaos, don't we? Former Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat was asked about the hometown New York Islanders crowd as they push for the playoffs and the centerman just had to say it was "a lot better than Vancouver." [Sportsnet]