Thursday Morning Fly By: There's one

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Thursday Morning Fly By: There's one

*Alright let's get the Flyers stuff out of the way here... Owen Tippett! One of the big shiny bright spots from last season. [BSH]

*We're still in the range of "guys the Flyers might actually end up with" on our Community Draft Board, and next up is another kid from the USNTDP who likes to score points. [BSH]

*Charlie asked you all for your opinions about the Flyers and you did just that! Nicely done. Not a ton of surprises here, but some changes from last year's survey. [The Athletic]

*While Flyers fans remain enthusiastic (mostly, it seems) about John Tortorella's brand of tough-love coaching, the guys left in the playoffs right now are mostly the kind of coaches that are nice and positive with their players. [ESPN]

*While we would love to see Friend Of The Blog™ Dr. T land in a much-deserved General Manager position, it's hard not to be relieved that it won't be with the Penguins. [Pensburgh]

*The NHL is, as we all know, a league run by mostly unoriginal copycats. So it's worth noting what we can all learn from the teams that made it to the Conference Finals. [The Athletic]

*One lesson is to have a goalie playing like an absolute freak. Everyone should do that. [Sportsnet]

*This has been a very weird Conference Finals, results-wise, but one of the weirder things has been the completely meltdown of the Dallas Stars. [Defending Big D]

*Elliotte Friedman did another one of his middle-of-the-night 32 Thoughts drops the other day, so in case you missed it... [Sportsnet]

*And finally, Former Flyer Mike McKenna telling the story of the time Former Flyer Radko Gudas tried to end him is delightful. You'll enjoy it. [Daily Faceoff]