How the Flyers can help each eliminated playoff team

Eight teams got booted out of the playoffs and the Flyers are here to help them.

How the Flyers can help each eliminated playoff team
Photo Credit: Heather Barry

Imagine being eliminated in the first round of the 2023 NHL playoffs? Couldn't be the Philadelphia Flyers. That would be too embarrassing to even imagine. They should scoff off the stupid and poor teams that got booted out of the postseason before they even really got a sniff of the Stanley Cup.

We are too busy over here thinking about what the summer could hold for the Flyers. A new team of executives, a very important draft, and best of all, there might be a whole lot of transactions. There is a new direction for this team and we might be filled with hope for the first time in a very long time.

But, what the Flyers could provide this summer with those transactions is helping out the teams that were kicked out of this year's postseason in the very first round. They are scrambling and desperate to either find reasons why they lost or just simply improve as much as possible so they don't get embarrassed once again.