What are your expectations for Travis Konecny this season?

If the exciting young forward manages to make the Flyers, how do you think he’ll do for himself?

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While we can’t say for certain until final rosters are submitted on or before Tuesday, October 11, Flyers forward prospect Travis Konecny appears to be making a legitimate run at a roster spot. The talented young forward has electrified the fanbase several times, and he’s had a chance to play alongside nearly all of the Flyers’ top forwards in different preseason games. Fans would certainly love to see him in the lineup this year, for a multitude of reasons.

As Konecny makes his final push for a spot, it’s worth noting that this situation — a very young player fighting for a roster spot — isn’t one that we, as Flyers fans, have really seen unfold in a while.

In the 11 seasons since the lockout of 2004-05, the only Flyers player to get a full season with the team within one year of being drafted was Sean Couturier, who went straight from the 2011 draft to the Flyers’ roster the next season. Were Konecny to make the team and stay with them for the entire season, he’d be the first Flyers player in a long time to do so just one year after being drafted. (Note that this is also true for Ivan Provorov, who at this point seems like an even safer bet to make the team than Konecny.)

Essentially, it’s not too often that a guy comes in, kicks the door down, and makes his presence felt in Philadelphia on the ice rink before he’s legally allowed to drink beer in the United States. And as such, it can be tough for us to really gauge where exactly Konecny will be if he does make it this year.

Which is why we’re going to ask you, the reader, what you think Travis Konecny will do this year with the Flyers. Please fill out the below survey (just once, please!) and in a couple of days we’ll check back and see where everyone’s expectations are for everyone’s favorite London, Ontario native.

(And if possible, please enter in one single answer and not a range of potential answers, i.e. “17” instead of “15-20”.)