Checking out the competition: Pittsburgh Penguins

And they’re not great, folks!

Ahh, the Penguins. It’s taken over a quarter of the season for us to meet up with our sworn enemies for the first time, but the day is upon us. And they’re... not good? Playing poorly? Losing games regularly?? We should certainly not get ahead of ourselves given the current state of the Flyers but boy would it be nice to see our guys use this as an opportunity to beat up on a rival and get a much-needed win under their belts. To get a handle on what we should expect from this Penguins team, we had a chat with Mark Darnay of Pensburgh. We discussed:

  • The Penguins’ slower-than-normal start to the season and when they’ll turn it around
  • Matt Murray’s sub-par play and the recent trade rumors popping up around him
  • How that Jack Johnson thing is working out for them
  • Mike Sullivan and the long leash a coach gets when he wins a bunch of Stanley Cups/

Saturday’s game begins at 7PM and will air on NBC Sports Philly locally and the NHL Network if you’re out of market. A nice, solid win would be fun here, boys. Get it.