Radko Gudas launches official apparel line

Now you can wear his beard. ... On a shirt.

Radko Gudas is certifiably awesome. He's big, he's tough, he's physical, he can actually play hockey. He's everything the Philadelphia Flyers dream of. Most important of all, though? He has an incredible, iconic beard. We all wish we could have a beard like Gudas'.

Well, most of us probably can't. But that's okay - because Gudas, along with Dynasty Sports, has given us a way for all of us to have our very own Gudas beard.

So far it looks like that's the only design currently available - in t-shirt, hoodie, and bib form - but it's already pretty awesome, and a must-have for any Gudas fan (which is all of us, right?). Hopefully there will be some more stuff to come in the future - after all, he still has another four years here!