The Flyers quietly announced their new third jerseys

Back in black!

Two days ago the Flyers ever so quietly announced their third jerseys for the 2018/19 season. They’re going back to black and bringing back the uniforms they used in the 2017 Stadium Series in Pittsburgh. This was first reported by Chris Cramer over at But, the Flyers hid the announcement right in front of our eyes. Seriously, how did all of us goofs miss such an obvious announcement! Anywho, it was hidden on the fourth slide in this Instagram post. It was also included on a post about the 2018/19 schedule with this graphic:

This statement was also included above the image:

The highly-popular black jersey from that 2017 game will return as a third jersey this season for a select number of games, while a new jersey is on tap for the 2019 outdoor contest. Additional uniform details will be released closer to the start of the regular season.

And it was just sitting right in front of our eyes all along!

Not only does this confirm that the black jerseys are indeed back, but it also confirms the team will introduce a fourth uniform for this year’s upcoming Stadium Series battle. The previous Stadium Series uniforms, now alternates, were announced about two months away from the game, so I’d imagine we’ll be getting news about the new jerseys around December.