The top 5 activities to get you through the offseason

What are we supposed to do with all of this free time?

The top 5 activities to get you through the offseason

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially started, putting into perspective how awful and untalented the Flyers truly were this year. However, the Playoffs also remind us that Flyers hockey is now over and that fans are hereafter spared from having to watch least, for a period of of six months. What should you do with your newfound peace of heart and mind? Here are a few ideas.

5 - Watch the Playoffs

This one's a no brainer. Regardless of which teams take the ice, there is simply nothing better than watching grown men try to kill each other at high speeds on a slippery surface. It's even better when those grown men scream like little children because a rubber disk travels into a net.

In all seriousness, the Playoffs never disappoint. The best teams in the league go head to head, finding a little extra grit as if every shift is their last. The fast-paced and hotly intense atmospheres dwarf the level of hockey that has been exhibited for the past month, and this intensity is compounded by the accompanying story lines. The Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to avoid another year of first-round disappointment. The Boston Bruins are trying to cap off one of the greatest regular seasons in NHL history. The New Jersey Devils are trying to fulfill their multi-year rebuild following three straight sub .500 seasons.

Whether or not you pick a team, whether or not you've filled out a bracket, you don't want to miss the next two months of hockey.

4 - Become a Baseball Fan

While playoff hockey is guaranteed to provide a fast-paced and immersive sports experience, baseball certainly will not (though it's [controversially] getting faster). Particularly for those of us who are easily distracted, baseball can feel dull, dry, or uneventful.

With that said, the Philadelphia Phillies are coming off a historic World Series run, and if you are the type of person who seizes any opportunity to take pride in your city, perhaps baseball isn't as boring as it appears at first glance. Baseball is like a mystery novel. The story can at times be uninteresting, and the reader might frequently be tempted to put the book down, but trudging through the boredom makes the conclusion that much more eventful. Indeed, it is hard to appreciate the climax without knowing the scenery and background established in the exposition.

Let your mind be a blank slate. Watch a game or two and ask yourself, "Why is this pitcher starting today instead of another one?" or "Why did that batter lay down a bunt?" After a few weeks or months, you'll find that you have become a part of the story.

3 - Go Out on a Tuesday Evening

Mondays are always tough to stomach, and though Tuesdays aren't much better, the last five months filled our Tuesday and Thursday nights with the pleasant reprieve from the unending busy-ness. Of course, the ice sport is not completely over, and some might say the best is yet to come (see above). However, if you aren't interested in watching the Vegas Golden Knights repeatedly play against the Winnipeg Jets, I can't blame you.

Take advantage of your freedom. Go to that bar or restaurant you've been eyeing. Call a friend, make a friend, or avoid people altogether. You now have a three-hour gap in your evenings, and you can do with it what you want. The world is your oyster.

2 - Take up Kickboxing

Are you trying to get in shape? We all are. Are you slightly angry about what transpired this season? We all are.

When it comes to finding a hobby, there are infinite possibilities. However, it is most important that the activity be soothing, encouraging, healthy (mentally or physically), value-strengthening, or just plain cool. Your hobby should make your life better.

Of course, this somewhat implies that everyone should cease watching the Philadelphia Flyers, but let's put that aside. The Buddha is believed to have said, "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." Gandhi noted, "Our anger controlled...can be a power that moves the world." Limp Bizkit once wrote, "It's just one of those days where you don't want to wake up; everything is f-----; everybody sucks. You don't really know why, but you want to justify rippin' someone's head off."

Find the nearest gym. Kick a few bags. Let it all out.

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