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Thursday Morning Fly By: Deep into nothing season

Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*How many days in a row will the author point out the lack of links? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT! Anyhoo, we had some thoughts about the comments Tony DeAngelo recently made about playing in Philly. [BSH]

*After this year’s impressive haul at the draft, who lands in the top-5 of Flyers prospects now? [Inquirer]

*Charlie’s got a new mailbag! These are always the best. Enjoy. [The Athletic]

*The Maple Leafs put themselves way, way over the cap, but like many teams before them, have dumped a guy onto LTIR already in order to get themselves out of cap hell. Wild how these teams always have one seriously injured guy! [Sportsnet]

*This look at which players in the league are currently on the best contracts contains no Flyers. As you would expect. [The Athletic]

*And finally, this look at which players in the league are currently on the worst contract contains Flyers. As you would expect. [The Athletic]

*BONUS LINK! The Flyers continue to be awesome to us and have offered us an exclusive discount on tickets to August 12th’s 3ICE Patrick Cup Championship at the Farg! If you aren’t familiar, here’s a rundown of what this is:

Overtime All-the-Time, 3ICE features a three-on-three, bracket style, single elimination series of games in seven cities across North America culminating right here in Philly! Three things to note: 3ICE teams are made up of professional ice hockey players competing in three-on-three for two eight-minute periods with a running clock; 3ICE is designed for the speed, skill and excitement hockey fans have grown to love since the three-on-three overtime concept was introduced; and each 3ICE team is coached by a former NHL All-Star Stanley Cup Champion or Hall of Fame member, including former Flyer John LeClair, who was recently named Flyers Special Advisor to Hockey Operations.

If you’re interested in seeing some fun hockey in the middle of the dullest part of the offseason, head on over to this link to get your tickets for Saturday’s game.