Thursday Morning Fly By: We should all troll a little more

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Thursday Morning Fly By: We should all troll a little more
Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*Have you folks seen the pictures of the father/daughter duo that has been trolling the Leafs in different jerseys during the playoffs so far? Apparently they do this all the time. And it rules. [Daily Hive]

*Alright, the Flyers. So far eight teams are out of the playoffs. The Flyers can find a way to help each and every one of them. [BSH]

*Yesterday we got Charlie's take on who should definitely be traded, and today we're getting a look at who he thinks should be on the table, at minimum. [The Athletic]

*The draft lottery is a mere five days out and it is hard to overstate how dramatically our entire lives will shift if the Flyers end up winning it. [Inquirer]

*Related, in the latest draft rankings the #1 remains clear, but there is starting to be some movement as we work down the top-10. [The Athletic]

*Back to those teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs, it's going to be a messy summer for the New York Rangers. That's a shame. [ESPN]

*The question looming over the Tampa Bay Lightning for the last couple of years is "how long can they keep this up?" Turns out, all of these long playoff runs are starting to catch up with them. [ProHockeyTalk]

*If the Maple Leafs are going to get through the Panthers they're going to need to start dictating the way the games are being played. [Sportsnet]

*And finally, ever wonder how arenas handle it when the hockey team and the basketball team are in the playoffs at the same time? And there are concerts and events and all of that kind of crap too? It seems like a lot. [ESPN]