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Thursday Morning Fly By: Back at it again

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*Break’s over, as Flyers After Dark™ returns tonight with the Flyers taking on the Canucks up in Vancouver. The ‘Nucks have a nice little points streak going so this won’t be an easy one for the boys. [Deadspin]

*Another thing the Flyers will be contending with tonight, while I am sleeping, is one of the best defense pairings in the whole entire league. [TSN]

*If you’re a subscriber over at Charlie’s new website, you can check out their look at just how good Matvei Michkov is. [PHLY]

*And if you missed our deep-dive into Michkov’s KHL season thus far, check out Part 1 here… [BSH]

*… and Part 2, riiiiiight here. Great stuff from our old pal Jake Fahringer. [BSH]

*If you’re still easing into the whole World Juniors thing (boy that Macklin Celebrini kid looks like something else!), here’s another handy guide of who to watch. [ESPN]

*And finally, the new PHWL kicks off in the next couple of days and that makes right now a great time to pick a team to root for. [The Ice Garden]

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