Thursday Morning Fly By: Yep, they’re back

<em>Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…</em>

*Oh yeah. The Flyers are back alright. Recap!

*Anyhoo, Chuck and the Org have a lot of questions facing them down in the coming weeks, these are three of the bigger ones. [BSH]

*So with the playoffs out of reach, what exactly do these boys have to play for? [Inquirer]

*The Prospect Report is out and the NCAA kids are having another good week. You love to see it. [BSH]

*Here’s your weekly look around the Metro, just for funsies, see what the good teams are doing. The other bad teams, too. [Canes Country]

*The women’s quarterfinals are on deck; here’s how the teams in contention stack up. [The Athletic]

*The Montreal Canadiens, the worst team in hockey by a large margin, fired their head coach yesterday... [Habs Eyes On The Prize]

*... and then hired Martin St. Louis. Who has precisely zero professional coaching experience to speak of. Could be fun! [Habs Eyes On The Prize]

*Brad Marchand, noted jackass, did another jackassy thing for which he will sit six games. Seems light. [Sportsnet]

*Despite what seemed like an attempt to come back, Tuukka Rask is calling it a career. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

*And finally... a new BSH Radio! An excellent listen for the few days between games. [BSH]