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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Ivan can’t catch a break

Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*Big news yesterday as the IIHF released their decision on the Ivan Fedotov situation; they found in favor of the Flyers, but… maybe it’s time to give up this ghost, eh fam? He’s in his late 20s. He hasn’t played hockey in over a year. We need to not make the Russians mad again, because we NEED Matvei Michkov. I dunno. Maybe just let the kid live out his life in the KHL? Anyhoo, it was big news:

*Alright, on to other stuff. One of the BSHers attended the 3ICE final over the weekend and had a really good time. And came away with an idea. [BSH]

*Despite the league’s doing away with “special” warmup jerseys, like Pride Night jerseys, the Flyers plan to continue their support of the LGBTQ community going forward. [Inquirer]

*The cover boy for this year’s EA Sports NHL game will be Cale Makar, who is very good at hockey. [ESPN]

*The Boston Bruins are losing another one, as David Krejci announced his retirement yesterday. [Sportsnet]

*The 2024 free agency pool looks to be one of the best ever, talent-wise, and some teams are better poised to take advantage than others. [The Athletic]

*And finally, in what can only be described as tragic, Maple Leafs prospect Rodion Amirov lost his battle with brain cancer yesterday. He was only 21 years old. [Sportsnet]