Tuesday Morning Fly By: One more day to wait

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes…

*So obviously the first home playoff game of the series didn’t go the way we wanted. But there were some good things. It’s easy to lose sight of those, so let’s look back at the good (and also the bad, there was a lot of bad) with the 10 things we learned. [BSH]

*One thing we definitely learned is that if the Flyers make dumb mistakes and take lazy penalties, the Penguins are going to make them pay for them. Just about every time. [Philly.com]

*One of the biggest positives to take away from these first three games has been the play of the Flyers’ young core, which has been overwhelmingly good overall. [Flyers]

*We’ve complained a lot around these parts about Dave Hakstol’s in-game decision making, and after game three, even he had to admit that he handled some things poorly. Hindsight is good, but we need him to get better at making adjustments. [NBC Sports Philly]

*On score effects, and why they become even more important to talk about during the playoffs. [TSN]

*Claude Giroux’s collision with Kris Letang on Friday night wasn’t the only “questionable” hit of these playoffs. In fact, there have been a ton of them. [USA Today]

*And finally, unlike these teams, at least the Flyers aren’t in danger of being swept. At least we have that. [ESPN]