WATCH: Jakub Voracek plays ping pong with Claude Giroux, loses arm wrestling contest with Radko Gudas

One is a battle. One... is not.

Towards the end of this past regular season, Jakub Voracek was joined by, a Czech publication. They followed Voracek in a "day in the life of an NHLer" style piece, giving us a glimpse of his day-to-day routine - game day and off-day alike.

The most important part of all this? The above video, in which we get to actually see some of what he does. The first few minutes, in particular, are the most important part.

First, because it features a ping pong match with Claude Giroux, in which we are treated to a very spirited contest with equal parts gloating and saltiness from being bested in both parties.

Second, because immediately after their ping pong game, we see the three Czechs on the Flyers gathered together for an arm wrestling contest. It's Vorcaek vs. Radko Gudas, with Michal Neuvirth being smart enough to not participate, and officiate instead.

It takes Voracek roughly two seconds to lose, because like. Come on. It's Gudas. He is a monster. Look at the differences between their arms; that's terrifying.