WATCH: Philadelphia Flyers, Wells Fargo Center honor Ed Snider

It's okay if you cried. We all did.

There was no doubt there was going to be something - okay, a lot of things - done in honor of Ed Snider prior to Game 3 in Philadelphia tonight. Right up among them, though, was a tribute video: one filled with memories and quotes both from the Flyers' founder himself, and from those who worked for and with him.

Filled with footage and photographs old and new alike, we got to relive Snider's dedication towards his team. It's special to hear him say, "in choosing to honor me tonight, you have really chosen to honor them," the "them" referring to everyone who's ever worn a Flyers jersey.

But that notion becomes even more real when former Flyers and current opponents like Justin Williams glow over how great it was to play for Snider, or when Bernie Parent says, "He has created happiness for millions of people."

Or perhaps maybe even the most striking quote of all, at the end of the video: the Flyers' current captain, Claude Giroux, saying, "He is the Philadelphia Flyers," followed by a shot of Ed Snider walking down the tunnel.

Combine all of this with the emotion of the orange-filled building, the Flyers and even Capitals reverently watching, Lauren Hart's tearful rendition of God Bless America (coupled with Kate Smith, as always), and Michael Raffl's goal not even a minute into the game, and you had a hell of an opening to a playoff game.

One that never would have been possible without Mr. Snider.