Wednesday Morning Fly By: Tank time

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Travis Konecny warms up against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*The Flyers sure kept things interesting, but they couldn't complete the comeback against the Blues in the end. Bad for the current team's feelings, we guess, but good for the tank? [BSH]

*Speaking of the Blues, they collectively opted not to wear pride jerseys for their pride night last night, and that... stinks. [SI]

*The Flyers have finally been mathematically eliminated from the playoff, but there are still games to be played. But you should still be tuning in! We're here to make a case for why. [BSH]

*Kevin Hayes, in all likelihood, is going to be on the move this summer. Let's dig into some potential landing spots for him, shall we? [BR]

*Folks! The prospect report is back! [BSH]

*Now that we've talked about the prospects currently in the system, we can turn to thinking about prospects that could be joining the system in a few short months. Let's talk lottery odds. [The Athletic]

*Here's another ranking of the top-51 players of this year's draft, for reference. [SN]

*And how about some prospects that could join the system in more than a few months time. Is it too early to start talking about the 2024 draft? Absolutely not. [The Athletic]

*Coatsey is on his way to retirement and we will miss him dearly. [NBCSP]

*Scoring is up, the game is changing, and everything is getting a whole lot more fun. [The Athletic]

*In the playoffs, Heavy Hockey reigns, or so we're told. But what does it mean? And does that old addage actually hold up? [The Athletic]

*And, before we go, the most important update of the day: the Phillies will have some new food offerings at the ballpark this year, and because our pal Jay is a Very Important Food Guy, he got to sample them, and he's here to tell you about them. [TGP]