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Wednesday Morning Fly By: They… tried?

*Well that sure was a hockey game last night, huh? Ice and everything. RECAP!

*You may have noticed that Noah Cates didn’t play last night. He won’t be playing for a while, apparently. [BSH]

*The Cates thing was the big news ’round these parts (Flyers bubble), so everyone had some reporting on it, of course.

*As has been mentioned several times, we are at the quarter mark of the season, which means everyone is out here doing some stock-taking and evaluating and such. Charlie has graded the performance of each player thus far. [PHLY]

*League-wide, we’ve got three analytics based conclusions we can draw from the first 20 games. [Sportsnet]

*Then we’ve got some more conventional observations about the league’s first quarter. [Sportsnet]

*Couple of bits of Big News outside of the Flyers bubble yesterday; first up, Patrick Kane has settled on the Detroit Red Wings as his resting place. Congrats to everyone involved, I’m sure it’ll be great for them. [Winging It In Motown]

*And finally, drowning out that Kane news in the later afternoon, the Blackhawks are terminating Corey Perry’s contract. For… reasons. [TSN]

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