What BSH is listening to: Jay Polinsky

Be prepared for a lot of indie/folk music...folks.

Folks, I listen to a lot of stuff so this will just be a list of some of the newer albums/songs I’ve been into the past couple weeks, so here we go...

“Saint Cloud” - Waxahatchee

In case you are wondering, no I can never pronounce the artist that I’m advertising here. Waxahatchee is an indie-folk band (really just the amazing Katie Crutchfield) and “Saint Cloud” might just be her second best album to date after the amazing “Out of the Storm” from a few years ago. I was less than enamored with her EP from last year, “Great Thunder” and was very happy to see this album return to something a bit more upbeat.

“Covers Vol. 3” - Sleeping At Last

This is primarily just a dude singing very low key covers to some amazing songs that range from recent artists (Tegan & Sara, Sara Bareilles, Peter Bjorn and John) and some classics from Ella Fitzgerald, The Troggs, Patty Griffin and...BARRY MANILOW.  The of the best covers is from Mike Doughty (former Soul Coughing singer) and his song “Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well”. This album is SUPER emo and you really need to be in the right place to listen to it. Though in the current state of the world, maybe this is the perfect listen.

“Endless Dream” - Peter Bjorn and John

You probably know this band from their hit single back in the day, “Young Folks”. You know the song with the whistling that was EVERYWHERE. This band is so much more than that particular song and this album just adds to their already excellent discography. Some of my favorite songs are “Music” and “Drama King”. The music is definitely a “fun” listen.

“Healer” - Grouplove

Another fun band that you’ve probably heard on the radio or in commercials. They broke out back in 2011 with the song “Tongue Tied” (song still holds up IMO). Grouplove hasn’t really put out a consistent album since their first, but this new one might have come closest. Its been interesting to see their evolution as a hippie-stoner indie band to something a little more refined.

“Win’20” - Sjowgren

This is probably the most unique band on this list. This is only their second EP they’ve released since 2015 and only drop singles literally once a year. The band is anonymous in that know one knows who they are! Their songs can go from very mellow/fun “Seventeen” to introspective “Now and Then”. You can go through their entire catalog in under an hour, but they leave a last impression (for me at least). This EP features just four songs with standouts like “Dreams” and “Flip Phones”.

“Strings and Keys” - Cold War Kids

Everyone has heard a Cold War Kids song even if they don’t realize it. Underrated band that consistently puts out material which is excellent because they are a great indie/alt band. This is another fantastic EP and “Complainer” is so damn catchy.

“Don’t Care Darlin’” - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Another EP and great single from the talented Rateliff and his raspy olde-timey voice and style.

“The New Abnormal” - The Strokes

Remember these guys!? They broke up back in 2013, but are now back together. The Strokes first two albums are indie classics and everything they put out since has been a slow decline in quality and further from that garage band feel they used to have. This album isn’t released yet, but three songs are currently available on Apple Music and I gotta say...they freaking rule.

“Caution” - The Killers

Another album that isn’t released yet, but the single “Caution” is already on the radio and stuck in in my head. I’m not sure this song is going to win over non-Killers fans, but man is it damn catchy and fun to dance around to which is something we all need right now.