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Tasty Takes

The definitive ranking of the top cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

In this timeline, cheesesteaks are Sports.

Philadelphia Flyers set for Stadium Series

They’re looking good out there.

Michal Neuvirth is gonna be a father! He’s been dating Radko Gudas’ sister

One of the greatest twists to this Flyers season.

Steve Mason’s Stadium Series mask has arrived

It’s really sharp, and it matches the jersey and rest of his gear perfectly.

Shayne Gostisbehere wishes his dog a happy birthday

She’s his “little princess” - his words. The tutu confirms it.

The Philadelphia Flyers went all out in celebrating Valentine’s Day

“Can we not... do that... please?”

Flyers prospect Pascal Laberge scores a shootout goal so sick it doesn’t get to count

If only you could move the puck backwards...

Wayne Simmonds scored a lot of goals before he got his OT winner

193 goals, all in regulation. Then, at last, #194.

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare is so wonderfully French

Those crepes look amazing.

Steve Mason has new gear for the Flyers’ Stadium Series game

He’s going all-in on the black and orange.

Kimmo Timonen went on a cross-Atlantic adventure

What a way to spend retirement.

Claude Giroux has some advice for Wayne Simmonds at the All-Star Game

Keep your shirt on. You know. If you gotta.

Steve Mason gets new gear for a young goalie who had his equipment stolen

Mason’s doing good on and off the ice this week!

Paul Holmgren shares how his brother, Dave, helped him make the NHL

Yet more good work from the Players’ Tribune.

Michal Neuvirth has a new mask, and it’s outstanding

Look good, play good, right?

Let’s check in with the Philadelphia Flyers on vacation

Wayne Simmonds has the BEST news!

Philadelphia International Airport with a special shoutout for the Flyers’ 50th celebrations

Now that’s a major flash to the past.

Bob McKenzie: ‘Philippe Myers looks NHL ready, or close to it’

All of these young Flyers defensemen!

Claude Giroux took a puck to the groin in warmups the other day

It’s not a football, but it’s still pretty hilarious.

Steve Mason has a new mask, and it captures the Flyers perfectly

This is as good a 50th anniversary mask as you’ll ever find.

30 Thoughts: on Claude Giroux’s draft day, Philippe Myers, and Ed Snider

It’s all great stuff from Elliotte Friedman, as usual.

Let’s talk about Wayne Simmonds fighting shirtless, for reasons


Pierre-Edouard Bellemare celebrates the end of 2016 with some very special memories

A certain empty net goal is right up there...

The Philadelphia Flyers have very convincing reasons for to vote Wayne Simmonds to the All-Star Game

Namely: PUPPIES.

Claude Giroux’s dog is all of us after the holidays

Maybe not as cute, probably just as sleepy.

Anthony Stolarz: ‘Unforgettable first half’

He’s not wrong; he made his NHL debut, and that’s always incredible.

In-game moments: Puck to the butt

In which Claude Giroux has a lot of fun.

Ivan Provorov: ‘I should make good plays because I belong here’

Provorov’s attitude helps show exactly how he’s an NHLer already.

Flyers visit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

What better way to spend time during the holiday season?

WATCH: What would the Philadelphia Flyers get each other for Christmas?

Everyone is afraid of Simmonds, and Voracek talks a lot of smack.

Claude Giroux calls out Pierre-Edouard Bellemare for poor celebration form

This is a very hostile picture.

Philadelphia Flyers hold sweater Christmas party, Brandon Manning wins

Manning went all out on this one.

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