Claude Giroux is going to have to watch out for bears

Avoiding bears is a normal thing to do.

Despite our best efforts, it is still the hockey offseason. That means no hockey. That means no Philadelphia Flyers. That means no Claude Giroux - though it does mean Giroux has the chance to go do other stuff now.

Like explore the wilderness. And stay away from bears.

The emoji that accompanies this tweet is somewhat disconcerting. Is he pondering over the protocol? Taking it to heart? Is he skeptical? Is he going to bring along Ilya Bryzgalov for protection, somehow? Giroux has a lot of options here.

No matter what it is, please do not run into a bear, G. And if you do, please follow the protocol. A season-to-season injury to Giroux because of bears would be... less than fun.

Then again, he’s survived surgery this offseason; he’s probably got this. And hopefully there is nary a bear to be found.